Product design and launch

Project overview

Dean started from a problem I became passionate about solving for commuters.

No solution existed and I've always wanted to start my own company and apply all that I've learned over the years at early stage startups to growing something of my own.

My Contributions

So a little backstory about myself and why I started Dean. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and years later decided to ship up to Boston.

Growing up in cities, public transportation became a way of life for me. I understood how important it was not just for myself...but for everyone. Over time, I also began to understand how increasingly harder and expensive it became for most people to live conveniently close to public transportation. People supplement their commutes with bikes, boards, electric scooters, bike shares - all in cities that didn’t have the infrastructure to support it - making it often dangerous at times to commute.

So I thought to myself, a kick scooter would be perfect. I could legally ride it on the sidewalk and easily carry it on the subway. So I decided to create Dean - as a safe, familiar, portable option that also understands that what you ride is an extension of yourself. With an emphasis on a minimalist design and compact construction, I could finally provide commuters with an option they feel comfortable riding on and confident for all to see.

Over the course of months, I sourced suppliers to work with to help create the vision for a product I felt was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to ride for commuters.

I designed everything from the product itself, the branding of the company and the packaging experience.

Currently, this is a passion I continue to pursue in my free time as I look to continue to grow the business.

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