Operations & Design

Project Overview

HigherMe is changing the way people apply to jobs and companies hire for roles. By using our proprietary algorithm, we create a “fit score” that helps employers make quick and informed hiring decisions. Coupled with usability features, we provide applicants the ability to include a video recording of themselves to showcase their personalities much more than a paper resume would. In the end, applicants get to easily apply to more jobs faster while offering more color to their resumes and employers get to hire better candidates more efficiently while saving money.

I had to find the most cost effective methods in helping companies find applicants and employees.

My Contribution

I managed the creation, design and allocation of all our ads and ad spend across dozens of job boards for over 200 locations/customers that were hiring.

In an effort to optimize ad spend, I constantly A/B tested copy to find the most effective headlines and I created our Craigslist ads with html and css to convert more applicant submissions. We also introduced a text-to-apply campaign where applicants could easily text a number and be guided through an application process in only a few steps. As part of this strategy, I designed our marketing collateral distributed to each store along with business cards.

Lastly, I designed landing pages and other marketing collateral for our physical marketing campaigns targeted at small business owners.

Example of one of the Craigslist ads created via html & css.
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