Lola Integrations

Provider & content integrations

Project Overview

Travelers were booking travel externally from our product because we lacked the inventory they needed.

My Contributions

I built our travel product up to 7 travel provider integrations across 3 verticals (flights, hotels, cars) in addition to other integrations for content like images and reviews.

By using our booking data to inform the types of airlines, hotels, and rate types being booked externally, I worked with our Business Development team to find providers that carried that inventory. Once we had our options, I read the API docs to ensure the integrations would support our product requirements and involved our engineering team to help weigh in on the level of effort for each integration. We always sent a list of FAQs we had to the providers to address all our questions and potential concerns before any contracts were signed and development began.

Once we decided on a provider to integrate with, I've learned its best to establish weekly check-ins with the provider during the development process in addition to adding them into your Slack or messaging platform. This made development support much easier and allowed our team to develop against this far quicker.

For every provider we integrated with, I made sure our service team was trained and knew how to service these types of bookings for a smooth launch.

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