Lola Travel

Core travel desktop & mobile experience

Project Overview

Lola started out as a chat-based consumer travel app. As time went on and we realized many of our users were business travelers, we decided to pivot to business travel.

We needed to build an MVP and find product market fit.

My Contributions

As the PM for the travel experience, I helped ship the MVP for our app - including launching flights and hotels DIY search and book experience.

I worked closely with our pilot customers to help define our roadmap, product strategy and vision. At this point we were a company with less than 10 bookings a month and 5 companies. Within a year, our booking tool was handling 400 bookings a month with 100 companies on board.

As we continued to grow our team, I continued to focus on the core experience of the product. I lead 3 cross-functional teams of engineers and designers to continue to launch and iterate on features across the booking and during-travel experience. Using data and feedback to inform our decisions, we built a product travelers loved with over 10,000 bookings a month and 800 companies.

App store assets I designed for our App store and Play store submissions.

Working closely with our users and stakeholders, the vision for our travel experience was this:

"Built for business travelers, rooted in consumer values - Lola’s travel tool is breathtakingly easy and saves an immense amount of time."

We strived to be the corporate travel tool users actually wanted to use vs. felt like they had to use.

For us to be successful, in addition to our annual subscription cost, we needed to generate more revenue through our bookings while reducing our service team costs.

Understanding that business travelers want to be able to book what they need, at the price they're used to and obtain the same level of self service functionality they're accustomed to, our product strategy was focused on achieving this first.

We started with the comprehensiveness of our inventory. When I first took over the role as PM for the travel experience, we had 2 provider integrations and a search and book tool driven purely by chat and manually booked by our agents. In addition to building a DIY booking experience, we integrated  5 more providers across 3 verticals (flights, hotels, cars). We drove down our external booking % from 15% to 5%.

We also focused on surfacing the most relevant options for travelers based on their search behaviors. By building an in-house recommendation engine based on a traveler's preferences, booking history and company preferences, we improved our avg. booking rank to 4th in our results.

Lastly, we continued to focus on making the booking tool as easy as possible and save travelers time. Obsessed with our conversion funnel and reducing our time to convert, we focused on improving our search performance and perception of speed to reduce the drop off between issuing a search and waiting for completion. We also added features like searching directly for refundable and loyalty eligible rates and an enhanced map view to reduce the time spent between search complete and selecting an item to book.

We achieved all this by sharing the same vision, a passion for feedback and motivation from hitting our metrics.

Hotel search experience
Flight search experience
Car search experience

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