Launching expansion of product line.

Project Overview

Rumi brings flavorful, ethically sourced and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan to our customers while catalyzing sustainable rural economic development in Afghanistan and providing countless jobs to Afghan farmers and women who harvest and process the spices.

When Rumi first launched, we were solely harvesting saffron. Outside of professional chefs, not many people knew of saffron let along the applications of it when cooking. We needed to find a way to expand our customer base and reduce the barrier of trying an unfamiliar spice.

My Contributions

As the Director of New Product Development, I worked closely with users to understand how we could best introduce people to a spice they're normally not familiar with.

At this time, we sold only saffron as a pure standalone spice and saffron with green tea. I launched two new products that incorporated saffron into a seasoning blend that could easily be added to meals people would normally cook on a daily basis.

To launch the new products, I worked closely with a local partner & Founder, who was starting their own spice business - Curio Spice Co. Both companies shared the same values of ethically sourcing directly from farmers and both were just starting out. It was a perfect match.

Over the course of weeks, we worked together to find the right blend of spices with the goal of integrating our saffron into a seasoning that would allow people to easily adopt it and understand how saffron can be used for their meals they'd typically cook - like chicken, steak, etc.

Lastly, I designed the labels and together, we launched the Afghan and Kabul seasoning blend.

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